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The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) will hold a work session in Conroe on February 11, 2014 at 10:30 a.m.

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AUSTIN  (February 6, 2014)  The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) will hold a work session in Conroe at the San Jacinto River Authority, 1577 Dam Site Road, on February 11, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. The TWDB encourages the public and stakeholders to attend and participate in the work sess bsp; The meeting will include a briefing on water loss and public comment on the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT).

In November, Texas voters approved legislation that enabled the state to create two funds-the SWIFT and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas (SWIRFT)-that will help finance projects in the state.

Over the next year, TWDB will be developing administrative rules that establish how these funds will be used, including defining standards for rural, conservation, and reuse projects and prioritizing projects that are seeking financial assistance.

"Local input is vital in developing the rules that will help us prioritize projects," said TWDB Chairman Carlos Rubinstein. "We want to reach out to as many communities as possible to seek recommendations from local water experts."

The TWDB will host several meetings around the state where stakeholders can provide input. A schedule is available on the TWDB website. Written comments may also be provided.

The TWDB is the state agency charged with collecting and disseminating water-related data, assisting with regional planning, and preparing the state water plan for the development of the state's water resources. The TWDB administers cost-effective financial assistance programs for the construction of water supply, wastewater treatment, flood control, and agricultural water conservation projects.