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First-time wastewater service expanding in El Paso County colonia Posted on June 11, 2024


Maria Betancourt – Project Manager, El Paso Water

Montana Vista is outside El Paso city limits, but it's still within the county of El Paso. It's a large community. Right now, we are servicing them with water. This project will bring first-time sewer service to the community.

So, one of the major benefits of this project is the removal of the septic tanks. The burden of maintaining aging tanks will be lifted from the homeowners, and also, it will be a great health benefit. It's a much more secure system. They will no longer have to worry about a failing septic tank. Any spillage will no longer have to be a burden to them as well. It will help the community because, especially during rainstorms, we won't have any more failing tanks.

Bertha Alvarez – Resident, Montana Vista

Este ahora estamos más felices y más contentos con con el drenaje porque pues cambió todo para bien.

[We are now happier and more content with the drainage because it changed everything for the better.]

Pues ya, ya no tenemos que preocuparnos porque este se está llenando la fosa y porque pues sale poquita agua. Pues ahora es lo normal. Nos bañamos a gusto, tranquilos, este y este pues somos más, más nos estamos más conformes con con el drenaje, porque ya todo cambió para bien.

[Well now, we no longer have to worry because the septic tank is filling up and because little water is coming out. Well now it's normal. We bathe comfortably, calmly, even though there are more of us. We are more satisfied with the drainage, because everything has already changed for the better.] 

Maria Betancourt – Project Manager, El Paso Water

The overall area, Montana Vista area, is approximately over 2,200 connections. With phase one, we were able to do 800 connections. With phase two, we're doing an additional 800 connections, and then the rest will come with phase three.

Bertha Alvarez – Resident, Montana Vista

Pues significa mucho, porque este pues ya, ya no tenemos que estar batallando con nada; ya estamos mucho mejor este con todo el servicio y pues que bueno que ya que ya va a ser la segunda, segunda fase para que todos tengamos ya aquí en Montana Vista todos los servicios.

[Well, it means a lot, because this, well, we no longer have to struggle with anything; we are already much better with all the service and well, it's good that since it's going to be the second, second phase so that we all here in Montana Vista have all of the services.]

Maria Betancourt – Project Manager, El Paso Water 

The community has also been very involved. We have a group of volunteers helping us take fliers to everybody within the phase two area. So, everybody's very excited. I'm very grateful for all the outreach that they've done, the contact that they've made. They've come into the office, they've called, asked questions, sent emails, gone through social media.

And a lot of people have come to me, and they said, you know, I've been waiting. I've been here for over 40 years. I hope I'm still alive and see this. So, you know, that kind of makes me a little, you know, because I've been part of this project for several, about ten years now and working with the community. So, it makes me very excited, and I'm so glad that I'll be able to be part of that, to give back to my community, because they are my community. They live in this area. I've lived here for over 40 years of my life, so I'm very excited.



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