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The TWDB visits the Rio Grande Valley Posted on October 11, 2023


Dr. Mamoudou Sétamou – Executive Director, Texas A&M University-Kingsville Citrus Center

We are here to improve the productivity and the sustainability of the citrus industry in Texas. As you know, citrus is a flagship crop in our state. And the official state fruit, as we all know, is the red grapefruit. And this red grapefruit was developed here. So we are very proud of that. Water is critical. Mature citrus trees require up to 60 inches of water a year. And as you know, we don't have that much rainfall, so we do irrigation. And I think it's important that the Texas Water Development Board understand its impact to our citrus grower community.

Steven P. Sanchez - General Manager, North Alamo Water Supply Corporation 

It’s very important for them to come here to the Valley to see the fruits of the projects that they've approved for us, the wastewater treatment plant, the both of them that we went to go see, and also now that we're going to show them our reverse osmosis plant and surface treatment plant. They're able to see how it's impacting the communities. 

Rolando Vela –General Manager, Cameron County Drainage District No. 5

We're very grateful for the support they've provided our Drainage District Number 5. And we think it's important that they be here to see what we're doing, all of these amazing projects that we're doing and that are benefiting people. If you live in an area like the Rio Grande Valley and other areas along the coast and the border, we are a delta. We're flat. These drains that we do, these basins that we do, they're manmade. That's why we call it artificial because they're manmade. And we have to make these ditches, these drains, this drain system to be able to push the water out. 

Janie Lopez – Texas State Representative, District 37

Today, we have the Texas Water Development Board members here, and it's very exciting for us here in South Texas. Over the years, we've had some big floods with over 19 inches of rain, 14 inches of rain. When stuff like this happens, it's very devastating to the families. And so, a lot of times, people in the Valley felt like they were forgotten. Nobody cares about us. But for the chairwoman to be here and tour and see the drainage areas and meet with the drainage directors, with the mayors, that shows the Valley that she cares. I felt that it was going to be very beneficial for you as the Texas Water Development Board to come down here so that you can learn firsthand of the challenges and opportunities that we have.

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