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About the Texas Water Newsroom

Water is the lifeblood of Texas, essential to everything and everyone. It has defined our past, impacts our present, and will dictate our future. Without a doubt, to live in this state is to experience both drought and flood—sometimes one right after the other. We’ve learned from these periods of too much or too little that water must be carefully studied, managed, and planned for to ensure its sustainability and that of Texas communities. In fact, in the next 50 years, Texas is expected to experience significant population growth, resulting in increased water needs while facing a declining water supply.

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is the state agency responsible for water supply and flood planning, financing, and research. It is our agency’s mission to help ensure Texans plan and prepare for the perpetual threat of water scarcity and water surplus in our vast state.

The Texas Water Newsroom, produced by the TWDB, was created to tell the stories of Texas water—the people, places, issues, and efforts—and to showcase the TWDB’s expertise and resources.

All content on this site is available for public use and may be reproduced in full or in part for informational purposes. The TWDB does not endorse the use of this content for promotional purposes.

For media inquiries, contact Media Relations or 512-463-5129. Learn more about the Texas Water Development Board at www.twdb.texas.gov.


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