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Delta Reclamation Project receives the Texas Water Development Board’s Texas Rain Catcher Award

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AUSTIN – (October 5, 2023) – The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) announced today the recipients of its annual Texas Rain Catcher Award, a rainwater harvesting competition and recognition program. The Delta Reclamation Project in La Villa, Texas, was recognized in the regional category.

The TWDB's Texas Rain Catcher Award recognizes excellence in the application of rainwater harvesting systems in Texas, promotes rainwater harvesting technology, and educates the public on this critical water-saving practice.

The Delta Reclamation Project collects rainwater and stormwater through its regional canals and stores the captured water in a 100-acre detention pond. The project will provide flood control for the most populated areas of Hidalgo County and establish a treatment process to reclaim the water for municipal and irrigation use. The project is currently piloting advanced treatment technologies, including micro-filtration and reverse-osmosis, focused on treating the water to ensure its suitability for various end uses, such as drinking water.

Utilizing a holistic approach to water management on a regional scale, the project reduces the reliance on traditional water sources, conserves valuable resources, minimizes the threat of flooding, promotes sustainable water management practices, and addresses water scarcity concerns in the region by providing an alternative water supply source. By showcasing the successful recapture and beneficial reuse of rainwater and stormwater, the project expects to set a precedent for sustainable practices and serve as a blueprint for other regions in the state.

The Texas Rain Catcher Award competition began in 2007 and is open to all individuals, companies, organizations, municipalities, and other local and state governmental entities in Texas. It recognizes entities and individuals in the rainwater harvesting community and beyond and establishes award recipients as dedicated water conservation leaders in Texas. The Delta Reclamation Project is one of five awardees being recognized statewide this year.

To learn more about previous Texas Rain Catcher Award winners, visit the TWDB website.

The TWDB is the state agency charged with collecting and disseminating water-related data, assisting with regional water and flood planning, and preparing the state water and flood plans. The TWDB administers cost-effective financial assistance programs for the construction of water supply, wastewater treatment, flood mitigation, and agricultural water conservation projects.