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TWDB Board members on the Water for Texas 2021 conference Posted on September 30, 2021

TWDB Chairwoman Brooke Paup on Water for Texas 2021

"Well, howdy. I'm Chairwoman Brooke Paup. I was so thrilled to be able to come together for this Water for Texas conference in 2021. We were a little nervous it wasn't going to happen because of COVID, but our TWDB staff really brought it home. A tremendous job. The panels were exceptional. I got to host the high-tech panel, which we had some very thoughtful conversations with Dell and Samsung about what the high-tech community really needs with water sustainability. I think my favorite part of this conference was the ability of all the industry to come together and just have a conversation about the future of Texas water. Not adversarial, just like a really good chat. And I think that there's a tremendous value in having these hard conversations as a community."

TWDB Board Member Kathleen Jackson on Water for Texas 2021

"Hello everyone, from our Water for Texas conference, I'm Kathleen Jackson. I'm one of the directors for the Texas Water Development Board. And this has been such a fabulous opportunity to see leadership from across the state coming together to talk about how they can become engaged, how they can become involved, and how they can make sure that Texas has a secure water future. It was wonderful to be able to get their thoughts and ideas and to see people talking and engaging and cooperating and talking about our successes and talking about our challenges. Wonderful to have been here and to have the opportunity to see folks from across our state to participate, to engage, and to see their leadership and have the opportunity to be with them. A great job and a wonderful opportunity for Water for Texas 2021."

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