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Water + Weather for October 2023 November 07, 2023

Texas saw improved drought conditions in October, and with El Niño conditions in place, that trend is likely to continue. In the latest Water + Weather report, Dr. Mark Wentzel takes a look back at October’s weather conditions and previews what might be ahead this winter and fall.

TexMesonet data collection network expands coverage through 100th TWDB weather station September 11, 2023

In August, the TexMesonet network grew to include 100 TWDB stations and more than 3,000 partner stations. The data provided by the network supports improved weather models and forecasts and contributes to improved public safety, agricultural productivity, and scientific research.

Texas approves first-ever regional flood plans

Texas approves first-ever regional flood plans August 08, 2023

The TWDB approved the first-ever regional flood plans during the July Board meeting, marking a historic milestone in the state’s efforts to reduce the risk and impact of flooding. The regional flood plans will lay the foundation for Texas' first state flood plan, which is due to the legislature in September 2024.