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Water and Weather for May 2021 June 09, 2021

Thanks to May rainfall, the area of the state impacted by drought has declined. The latest drought map shows the lowest area of the state in drought since July 2020. Dr. Mark Wentzel reviews the effect a wetter-than-average May had on drought conditions.

Spring rainfall is critical to drought outlook March 09, 2021

Although a massive winter storm coated Texas with ice and snow in February, there was an increase in the area of the state impacted by drought. TWDB hydrologist Dr. Mark Wentzel explores the spring rainfall scenarios that will significantly impact 2021 drought in much of the state.

Measuring reservoir capacity through sedimentation survey January 11, 2021

Reservoirs lose capacity over time due to sedimentation. To establish a reservoir's capacity and plan for future water needs, the TWDB's Hydrographic Survey Program obtains and analyzes core samples from below the water's surface. In part two of our series on hydrographic surveys, we look at how sediment core samples are collected.