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Water + Weather for August 2022 September 14, 2022

Have drought conditions improved in Texas due to recent rainfall? Dr. Nelun Fernando reviews current conditions and explores how La Niña could impact the fall and winter seasons.

Planning for enough water supply during drought

Planning for enough water supply during drought August 10, 2022

If you lived in Texas in 2011, this summer’s record heat and dry conditions may bring back memories of what resulted in the worst one-year drought on record in parts of the state. Texans may wonder what is being done to plan for the state’s water supply if a drought of that extent, or worse, were to happen again.

The TWDB and Texas A&M partner on critical soil research July 12, 2022

The TWDB is partnering with researchers at Texas A&M University to create a comprehensive soil conditions dataset for Texas. The project will complement and improve soil temperature and moisture data already being collected through the TWDB’s TexMesonet network. When completed, enhanced, real-time soil records will be available for agricultural, meteorological, emergency, and other planning purposes.